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Prepare to be baffled by the sheer amount of puns I can fit into a single post.

The Wrath of Mathematics

After dropping out of university 3 years ago this month, I'm finally giving calculus a chance thanks to Khan Academy. Up until recently, I used to joke about being bad at math and made up excuses for avoiding it now that I’ve landed my dream job as a programmer. This is the story of how I’ve since learned to confront my fear and embrace math to achieve my goals.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was pretty gifted as a child when it came to math and problem solving. It wasn’t uncommon for me to complete and hand-in assignments (albeit, a tad smugly) before my teachers could finish announcing the instructions to the rest of the class. My grades were exceptional year after year and I was used to being praised for being smart. Math felt effortless. It wasn’t until high school that something changed and my grades (as well as my confidence) took a turn for the worse.

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